Yahoo BrowserPlus vs. Google Gears

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The latest piece of Yahoo software to be revealed is Yahoo BrowserPlus, which may be the company’s answer to Google’s Gears project. Very few actual details about the software are known at this time, but according to the BrowserPlus FAQ’s, “Yahoo! BrowserPlus is software that lets you do more inside your web browser. BrowserPlus makes it easy to install and use web plugins for a richer experience on the internet.”

eWeek seems to suggest that Yahoo BrowserPlus is their company’s answer to Google Gears, which allows offline access to users who experience poor internet connections or are traveling. This is quite similar to the description of Google Gears, as found on the Google site.

BrowserPlus has been in development now for three years, and has finally made it to beta. Right now you can only use it with Yahoo sites, but developers are hoping to soon open it up for use on other sites.

Funnily enough, a Googler pointed out and confirmed the rumors of the software. He doesn’t know much about it either, but is pushing for Yahoo to make it open source.

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