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Yahoo Answers API

Yahoo Answers and its wealth of over 38 million responses has put together a Yahoo Answers API which is now available on the Yahoo! Developer Network.

The API allows developers to access Yahoo! Answers content in several ways:

* Search for questions and answers by keyword about a particular topic
* Narrow the search down to a specific Yahoo! Answers user
* Search according to a Yahoo! Answers category

From the Yahoo Search Blog:

Using this API, you can access Answers content by user, search keyword, or category. These API’s are almost identical to what Yahoo! properties use, and we hope that you’ll think of new and interesting ways to view and use all the info on Yahoo! Answers. We’ve also set up a Yahoo! Group for you to get tips, share your ideas and even brag about your applications

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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  • Genealogist

    This is a great addition to the current API offerings from Yahoo .. looking forward to crafting some neat uses around it ..

  • Question Answer Script

    Check my cool script which can access Yahoo answers with YAPI and extract Question & Answers. Provides all the option to edit them and publish them on your own website in just few clicks