Yahoo Adds Fresh, Social Content to Search, Twitter Included

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Yahoo Adds Fresh, Social Content to Search, Twitter Included

Yahoo just made its first step towards making search results more fresh and social with contents from news sources, photos, videos and most importantly Twitter. Yes, you read it right – Twitter. So starting today, when you do a search on Yahoo for the latest news you can see the news, photos, videos and Twitter tabs on top of the search results page.

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The Photos and Videos tabs will give you relevant images and videos culled from Yahoo! News.

While if you want more user-generated and fresher content, you can check out the Twitter tabs. There a click just below the Twitter search lists that if yo click will bring you to the Twitter page where the real-time search results for the same news search will be displayed.

You can only see this feature if you are searching for information on the “latest news”.  So if you are on the Yahoo homepage and you saw an interesting news items and want to learn more about it, you can do a quick search and Yahoo will yield the results with these tabs whenever available.

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