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The Live Search blog has announced the xRank Celebrity, which according to the post is a ranking of all celebrity related searches done on the Live Search portal. Yes dear readers, its a celebrity search zeitgeist, complete with links to images, video, biography, albums and movies of top ranking celebrities based on searches conducted using their names on the Live Search portal.In addition, the xRank Celebrity (site may be down) list would also feature a historical ranking that changes over time represented by a live graph. It will will also feature related celebrity thumbnails that link to other Rank pages as well as recent news articles on buzz-worthy celebs and “top mover.”


XRank Celebrity would seem a pretty fun application for those who are into this kind of stuff (they are actually a lot) and I would have love to check how cool this new Live Search features (not because I’m a celebrity junkie) but unfortunately the site currently down. Too much users checking it out? Really?

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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