Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 5/9/12

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affiliate summit central Have you ever thought of creating your own webinar to drive traffic to your product or service? Webinars allow you to show people how your product can benefit them using more of their senses besides just reading. They can hear you, see what is being done and engage with you perhaps by asking questions. Just a thought, a webinar might be next on your To Do list.
In the meantime, enjoy these webinars this week.

Marketing Your Brand on Pinterest

May 10th, 11 am pst
Presenter: Vertical Measures
Cost: Free
Description: On May 10th, Vertical Measures will host a FREE Webinar, “Marketing Your Brand on Pinterest” with presenters, Ardala Evans and Kaila Strong. In this webinar they will discuss how brands today can market using the ever popular site Pinterest. Did you know Pinterest is one of the top referring websites online right now? AND the site recently become the new #3 social site on the web in total visitors – edging slightly ahead of LinkedIn (According to Experian HItwise). Pinterest is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

From Content to Conversation—The Changing World of Marketing Writing

May 10th, 12 pm est
Presenter: MarketingProfs
Cost: $129.00, Free for Pro Members
Description: Writing is one of the most important marketing skills to master. Whether you’re a freelance writer or a marketer who gets drafted to write copy for emails or Web pages, this seminar will sharpen your writing skills and give you the confidence you need to tackle any marketing writing challenge.


Online Persuasion: Leveraging the Brain’s Need for Novelty & Shortcuts

May 15th, 2 pm est
Presenter: Tim Ash
Cost: Free
Description: Join author and conversion rate expert Tim Ash for a wild ride through neuroscience to learn how the human brain functions, perceives the world and makes decisions. By understanding how your customers’ minds treat incoming information you will be better equipped to create landing pages and marketing messages that influence website visitors to complete your conversion action.

High Tech Prospecting Techniques for Traditional B2B Sales Pros

May 15th, 4 pm est
Presenter: LeadFerret and Sales Nexus
Cost: Free
Description: Stop wasting time searching for high value prospects and start spending all your time with highly qualified prospects. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to… Quickly search for your ideal prospects. Download names, phones, emails and more quickly. Pre-qualify prospects with emails. Focus valuable sales time on the most qualified prospects.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Ads

May 17th, 12 pm est
Presenter: MarketingProfs
Cost: $129.00, Free for Pro Members
Description: With over 845 million users worldwide, Facebook is now larger than 2004’s entire population of Internet users. No wonder marketers are willing to spend billions of dollars per year on Facebook Ads. The truth is, while many marketers love the idea of advertising on Facebook, the results of many advertising campaigns have been somewhat dismal; this is because lots of advertisers don’t know how to use Facebook Ads successfully, and struggle with how to best measure their campaigns’ results.


Recorded Webiars


Upcoming Industry Conferences:

*** SOLD OUT Affiliate Summit Central
May 15th – 16th
Houston, TX
If you are interested in attending Affiliate Summit East in August, May 11th is the last day to register for the Early Bird Rates.
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SMX Advanced Seattle
June 5th,6th
Seattle, WA
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BlogWorld Expo
June 5th- 7th
New York, NY
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Conversion Conference – Chicago
June 25th- 26th
Chicago, IL
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