Top 10 US Social Sites and Blog Sites Rankings Issued

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Top 10 US Social Sites and Blog Sites Rankings Issued

Nielson/NetRatings has put out a report on the top 10 social sites and blog sites. I think there are some interesting findings such as Myspace still being on top of the social space. “ continues to sit comfortably atop the rankings of top US social-networking sites with 58.6 million unique visitors in September, according to a custom list of top US social networking sites.”

If you look at analytics from, it actually does show Myspace being far ahead traffic wise compared to Facebook but does indicate Facebook is growing at a rate of 153.6% so far this year and Myspace at 18.1%. Neilson reports Facebooks growth over year as 133% and Myspace 24%. This is actually positive news for Myspace considering the buzz and craze on Facebook at the moment. Myspace applications will bring a whole new following to the social site.

Social Media Ranking Chart

As we all know, blogs have been increasing in popularity year over year. “…Blogger increased its visitors a significant 50% from the year-earlier period, with second-place Six Apart Type Pad also growing – 46% – to nearly 11 million visitors in Sept…The most significant year-over-year growth, however, came from third-place WordPress, which increased unique visitor some 290%, from a mere 2.7 million in Sept. ‘06 to more than 10.4 million this September.”

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