SEO Video: 45 Minutes of Q&A with Matt Cutts

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It is the weekend and that means you might have 45 minutes to be entertained and get great tips from the fabulous Matt Cutts. This video is a recording of a live Q&A on September 21, 2011. If you haven’t seen it you may want to sit back, relax and maybe take some notes.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Loren Baker

    The REAL Matt Cutts 🙂

    • Melissa Fach

      The REAL Matt Cutts is cool 😉

  • Mikhail Tuknov

    Matt lost weight!

  • James waugh

    Well Matt Cutts fabulous interview video is very entertaining. On this interview he spokes some great tips about SEO which seems to me very useful. Thanks and keep updating such informative contents. 🙂

  • Ross Dunn

    That was an excellent Q&A that Matt Cutts did. Thanks for re-posting it and getting more eyes to see it – it sure helps weed out many of the questions SEO company’s have to answer so often.

    If you happen to not have time to watch the video I created a full written Question and Answer article of the entire video here:

  • Ross Dunn

    Ahh, I see the links don’t work so you can just go to StepForth dot com and you will see it as one of the featured articles on our blog. I hope I didn’t offend anyone by doing this – just thought a text version may be helpful.

    Cheers, Ross

    • Melissa Fach

      I went and added it for you 🙂