Search Marketing Losing Ground in Q2

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Search Marketing Losing Ground in Q2

In a declining economy (or stagnant one,) seach engine marketing, or online marketing for that matter, has proven to be successful for many business owners, affiliate marketers, and individuals. To my surprise, “Advertiser counts for all three major search engines were flat to lower in Q2, with MSN’s active client count dropping nearly 20%, according to a report from AdGooroo

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Very important factors to point out from this report:

-Like MSN, Google’s also declined (-6.4%), while Yahoo’s increased slightly (+0.03%), holding on to its advertiser-base gains made over the past year.

-Trailing 12 month advertiser growth for Google, Yahoo, and MSN were -8.5%, +9.8%, and -6.7%, respectively.

-As the number of advertisers declines, so does the competitive pressure for higher bid prices

-AdGooroo views Google’s new AutoMatch algorithm as a response to (and tacit understanding of) this Achilles heel of auction-based pricing

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