MySpace China Is Open

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Myspace China is live. It was already rumoured a couple of days ago that it would be launched soon.

myspace china

From Shanghaiist:

Remember we told you MySpace China would come online yesterday? Well, we lied. Actually, Sohu IT lied — they got some bad info. Thankfully they weren’t too far off. As of now 1 am on April 27th, a day later, MySpace China is up and running. We’d love to give you a first hand review, but the site just went live 30 minutes ago, we haven’t had much time to explore. One thing we can tell you is that MySpace China is linked to the world database. In other words, if you have a previous account overseas, you can access it on the new site, except all the links are in Chinese, naturally.

This is number “so many” in the Social Media space here in China. It will be interesting to see if they can get as popular as they are in the U.S.

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  • Adam Hunter

    I wonder how much traffic they’ll receive?

  • adam hunter 2

    lots of dudes looking at asian chicks

  • Michael

    Sounds like myspace is trying to become like microsoft. Myspace, you should stick to fixing your social network before you go outside the country. Facebook, is way faster and offers users much much more.

  • Motorcycle Guy

    I bet this will be a huge flop. I would be theres more to making it succeed in china than simply changing the text to chinese.

  • Degor

    This sort of thing is exactly what China needs to escape oppression: mass communication.

    I’m all for it.

  • Bruce

    it’s time for myspace to stretch their wings


    hey waz up hoqw you doing dooooggggggggg

  • David Edwards

    Wats up every body Iam on myspace