How to Avoid Launching a Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Social Engagement Campaign

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[Intro by Ann] Engagement is the most important aspect of social media marketing.

This post is a collection of video interviews conducted by our guest contributor, Neal Rodriguez. Top internet marketing experts speak on how to track and manage social media campaigns, social media reputation management, and marketing on Twitter.

Michael Graywolf on How to Manage Corporate Twitter Accounts

Chris Winfield on Twitter Marketing @ SMX East 2009

Rhea Drysdale on Reputation Management Using Social Media

Augustin Vazquez Levi on Social Media Analytics

Brent Csutoras on Social Rep Management at SMX East

Ben Huh Drives 1 Billion Pageviews Every 4 Months

Neal Rodriguez is Managing Director of Shovecom, a full-service hybrid New York interactive agency specializing in driving a sh-tload of traffic to enterprise websites. Neal is a contributor for PBS and the Huffington Post. You could see Neal interview some of the brightest minds on cyberspace including thought-leaders in social media and SEO on or follow Neal on Twitter.

Neal Rodriguez

Neal Rodriguez

Neal interviews the brightest minds on cyberspace, including leaders in social media marketing on Follow Neal on Twitter.
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