Google Takes Facebook Head-On with Maka Maka

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So, did you think Google would weep over its lose to Microsoft on purchasing a share of the social giant Facebook or come up with its own grand plan? But of course! It’s Google!

TechCrunch reports, “Maka-Maka encompasses Google’s grand plan to build a social layer across all of its applications. Some details about Maka-Maka have already leaked out, particularly how Google plans to use the feed engine that powers Google Reader (known internally as Reactor) to create “activity streams” for other applications akin to Facebook’s news and mini feeds. But Maka-Maka goes well beyond that.”

As of now, Maka-Maka is a code name at the Googleplex but could have a new name by the time it’s unveiled to the public. Not only will this take on Facebook and other social sites but also increase program development interest from many application developers with a new set of API’s.

Stay tuned to this story as more is to come and official announcements from Google.

Pablo Palatnik
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