Google Still the Top Search Property Worldwide in 2009

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Latest data from comScore are showing familiar trends in the global search market once again, except for one peculiar point.  Interestingly, while Google retains its lead among the search properties worldwide, Microsoft’s search market share seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, Yahoo still got the lowest percentage change in search market for 2009 among these three major search engines.


Here are the highlights of comScore’s study on the global search market growth:

  • total searches worldwide is at 131 billion representing a 46% increase from 2008; this is equivalent to 4 billion search conducted worldwide daily
  • the U.S. search market remains the biggest with 22.7 billion searches in 2009, representing 17% of all the global searches made;
  • China ranks second with 13.3 billion searches and followed by Japan with 9.2 billion and the U.K. with 6.2 billion searches.
  • Google got 87.8 billion searches which is a 58% increase from 2008, followed by Yahoo with 9.4 billion searches and 13% increase from 2009; while the biggest surprise is Microsoft on the fourth place with 4.1 billion searches – a big 70% leap from 2008 search market data.





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