Google Sends 1.67 Billion Users to Wikipedia Per Month

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Wikimedia’s has published some traffic and referral information on the Wikimedia project, majority of which is Wikipedia. The numbers are based upon small samples, but show some amazing information.

For example, Wikimedia attracts 7 billion page views per month and Google refers 24% of its traffic. The only larger referral for traffic is internal links within the Wikimedia network. Meaning Google sends Wikimedia almost 1.7 billion referrals a month.

Yahoo follows Google in referring 2% of Wikimedia’s traffic, with MSN & Live combining for roughly .6% and sending .05%.

For more information on the traffic and referrer breakdown, visit Wikimedia page views @

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • It’s a sad statement about Google’s integrity that they should willfully send people to Wikipedia simply because “most people don’t know any better” about how unreliable and inaccurate a resource Wikipedia is.

  • Of course, Google sends even more people to the internet at large, and we know how reliable all the pages on the the internet are.

    For researchers, comparing Wikipedia results to other internet pages via Google is definitely an improvement over “internet only” without Wikipedia.

  • Consider that the pages included make up only about 20% of the pages of Wikipedia.

    Granted, article pages tend to rank higher than user or project pages and article talk pages, which make up another 20% are excluded by Google automatically, Google excluded them much earlier, even prior “no-follow” was enabled again at Wikipedia.

    User pages and project pages also link a lot to the main article space and the main space should never link back to anywhere in wikipedia outside the article space, unless that page is a reference for the article itself. It’s like one way linking.

    All in all is it probably not much more additional traffic in % figures, but even a single digit or less is a lot when applied to figures like the one we are talking about here.