GMail 2.0 Being Tested with New Features

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Google is testing a new version of GMail amongst a group of private web testers according to Garett Rogers of ZDnet. Rogers does not have any screenshots, but found out via new GMail UI information :

Well, Google lets every-day users who are fluent in both English and another language translate small snippets of English text into the language of their choice. This is how they can offer services in several languages without spending a dime on professional translators. Unfortunately, exposing sensitive information in this manner makes it hard to keep a secret.

One of my readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, stumbled across an interesting snippet of text (which I confirmed exists) spilling the beans on a new version of Gmail that is either currently being tested, or about to be released to testing in short order.

New GMail 2.0 features according to Rogers are the ability to View Account Activity and Google Gears Integration, letting more developers open up applications which use Google GMail.

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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