Collection of 2012 Tip-Related Articles for SEO, Social & Internet Marketing

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Here is a small collection of articles giving suggestions on SEO, content marketing, social media and Internet marketing for 2012. I know we are all hoping for a successful 2012; perhaps some of the information in these articles can help you plan for the upcoming year.


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Internet Marketing

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO.... Read Full Bio
Melissa Fach

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  • Manish

    Hey Melissa thanks for sharing such an useful resource. 2012 will be the great year for internet marketing and all these tips will really be helpful in making a proper marketing strategy for 2012.

  • Gary of

    Hey Melissa, a lot of good stuff once again.
    I like the 5 predictions and in particular the Mobile coming of age, I hope so as it seems I am educating on this subject more than selling. Also the Freemium, already a big believer in this and yes I often do upgrade to the paid version.
    Thanks again

  • Jay

    Tremendous predictions to take in account, keep up the beautiful work informing us all about, I myself am looking for more opportunities and knowledge to boost my efforts..

  • Seoshnik

    Melissa thanks for sharing such an fine resource! I will study!