Microsoft Launches Bing for Mobile Android App

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Microsoft is taking a step in the right mobile-searching direction with the release of their new Bing for Mobile Android application. Today Bing announced on their blog that the app was, as on right now, only available for Verizon customers and could be downloaded for free from the Verizon Android Marketplace.

Even though the Verizon partnership with Google is the bigger fish when it comes to mobile search, Microsoft is not one to be left out. Since Bing now provides results to Yahoo, the combined pair represent over one-quarter of PC search share.

screenshot from Bing's Blog

With the new Bing app users can explore click-able hotspots on the homepage, enjoy endless scrolling results (for both image and web search), conduct voice searches for things such as movie times, stock quotes and flight info. In addition to all of that the application will automatically find your current location so that you can perform local business searches with ease.

screenshot from Bing's blog

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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