Jordan Kasteler is the SEO Director of Hennessey Consulting. His work experience ranges from co-founding BlueGlass Interactive, in-house SEO at Overstock.com, marketing strategy at PETA, and agency-level SEO & marketing. Jordan is also an international conference speaker, columnist, and book author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing.


Some of the best tips, tricks, strategies, and tactics on the Web come from experts giving away great information in interviews. It is far more...

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This post is a response to BusinessWeek’s recent “Beware Social Media Snake Oil” article.  I would like to elaborate on a few concepts and misconceptions...

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Digg.com has always been known as “Reddit.com’s news from yesterday”. It appears now they’re trying to combat this issue… at least on a micro level....

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Today, David Harry (aka @theGypsy) has launched an SEO community that encourages sharing and education called the SEO Dojo. Although the community is not free,...

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Ever dreamed of having your own personal switchboard operator? Google Voice, a new calling and voicemail service from the online search giant offers just that....

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*Note*: This is NOT a paid review. I’ve had the opportunity to check out by SEO Automatic‘s iPhone app by Scott Hendison of Search Commander,...

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In May Ann did a post “Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status” showing how you can enhance your keyword tracking with the analytics tool BLVDStatus.com....

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