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12 Days of Christmas Internet Marketing Roundup

Everyone knows the Twelve Days of Christmas song. Many different products and brands have put their own spin on these twelve days of gifts throughout the years, but no gift is better than free advice. Internet marketers and Search and Social people have published helpful holiday lists on their own, but what about a “Twelve Days of Twelve Days of Internet Marketing” list? Here we have compiled some of the best “Twelve Days” posts from around the Web:

1.’s 12 Days of Marketing

Content creation and management agency CopyPress gives us 12 Days of Marketing; a well-rounded and detailed list of marketing guidelines. What makes this list unique, however, is that it provides readers with interviews from some of the biggest names in the business; tying each tip to face of someone who puts it into action.

2. Outspoken Media’s 12 Days of SEO

Outspoken Media provides readers with its 12 Days of SEO, where each member of their team offers their favorite SEO tip, tool or method. Topics are broad; ranging from basics for beginners, to advanced SEO practices. Sure to be a holiday favorite among readers.

3.’s The 12 Days of Christmas: Website Disaster Style provides some holiday comic relief with their The 12 Days of Christmas: Website Disaster Style blog post. The article outlines 12 characteristics of horrible websites; including spammy tags, dead links and hidden keywords. Each day has an accompanying illustration, for added effect.

4. SEOptimise’s The 12 Days of Christmas – SEO Agency Edition

As SEOptimise explains about its The 12 Days of Christmas – SEO Agency Edition list, “Christmas isn’t Christmas without someone butchering a much-loved song to make a marketing point.” All joking aside, this list from 2009 still provides some universal rules about SEO and marketing, in general.

5. Brand-Yourself’s 12 Days of Social Media: Tips to Improve Your Online Experience

Although it’s from last year, Brand-Yourself’s 12 Days of Social Media is still relevant and useful. And funny. This list offers 12 pretty basic social media suggestions to promote yourself/your business online. These tips may be basic, but that doesn’t mean people don’t need the reminder: like “posting pictures of yourself getting wasted isn’t the best way to go about impressing potential employers.” Even if it’s Egg Nog you’re drinking.

6. Mashable’s The 12 Days of Holiday Revenue Maximization for Your Online Store

Mashable is always a great source for useful tips and information about any IM-related effort, and their 12 Days of Holiday Revenue Maximization is no different. These tips are focused toward ecommerce, but can be applied to a company’s overall holiday promotion strategy.

 7. Spectate’s 12 Days of Blogging

Spectate offers a 12 Days of Blogging list that showcases 12 of the company’s favorite blog posts from throughout the year. Thus far, topics have included Inbound Marketing and the Power of Local Inbound Marketing. Looking forward to the other virtual gifts they’ll offer.

8. WebDesign’s 12 Days of

This self-explanatory list from provides readers with helpful advice on how to expand web design skills. Each day the site gives away goodies like free access to live webinars, backgrounds, plugins and themes. A merry addition to any designer’s resource kit.

9. Dynamic Web Marketing’s 12 Days of Christmas, SEO Style

Dynamic Web Marketing created The 12 Days of Christmas, SEO Style list as a relatively straightforward way to offer a little SEO help for your site. This is a basic, but useful, list that includes tips on everything from optimizing meta data to doing SEO audits. All wrapped up in a neat little package.

10. AWeber’s Counting Down the 12 Days of Christmas Email Marketing

AWeber provides readers with a 12 Days of Christmas Email Marketing list that helps marketers really focus their holiday campaigns for their email subscribers and customers. It suggests types of email subject lines to use, shopping deadlines that should be included and more. A lil’ Christmas cheer for your readers’ inboxes.

11. Boxcar Marketing’s 12 Days of Christmas (or what you can do before the year ends)

Boxcar Marketing’s 12 Days of Christmas list is a kind of catch-all for Internet Marketing efforts. It gives you tips and reminders about polishing up social media efforts, updating Google Analytics and monitoring keywords. It also includes other useful links within the post.

12. SEO Consult’s Twelve Days of SEO

SEO Consult’s Twelve Days of SEO is a top 12 list of tips to help build a strong SEO campaign. It briefly covers such topics as long-tail keywords and friendly URLs. A great addition to your basic SEO toolbox…or, stocking.


Well, there you have it. Twelve of the best “12 Days of Internet Marketing” posts from the past few years. Using the tips outlined in these articles, your company’s online efforts are sure to be merry and bright.


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12 Days of Christmas Internet Marketing Roundup

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