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Today, David Harry (aka @theGypsy) has launched an SEO community that encourages sharing and education called the SEO Dojo. Although the community is not free, the cost definitely is worth the knowledge and benefits gained from David and his cronies David states:

The Fire Horse; SEO Dojo is a one-of-a-kind school and playground for the SEO community. Founded on the belief that greater amounts of wisdom could be collected and shared than exists out there today. We’re here to provide a private environment where strategies and tactics can be freely expressed and high level tactics learned.

The SEO Dojo allows you to:

  • Take your SEO knowledge to the next level
  • Connect and exchange knowledge with other SEO minds
  • Participate in a lively community setting
  • Access exclusive articles
  • Get answers from top minds in SEO
  • Get in on our group chat sessions
  • Ask for a site review from SEO pros
  • Stay on top of the latest SEO and IR news
  • Download the SEO Handbooks (and more)
  • Extend your craft in our MASSIVE search patent and IR research paper database
  • …and we’re adding more all the time

I’m looking forward to being a part and learning from the SEO Dojo.

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan Kasteler

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Jordan Kasteler
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  • A link would be nice 😉

  • Am I being blind… no link to it!

  • I was being blind… thought it would have it’s own site!

  • Hat tip to:

    Talent hits a target no one else can hit;
    Genius hits a target no one else can see.
    Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Thanks for that J (or is that ‘Kid Utah’?)…. methinks I am a mad man launching the Dojo on a Monday. All of this and the newsletter to get out as well… Who needs sleep?

    Thanks for the luvin as always… and I hope some of the SEJ readership can join us!