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Social media has opened up many avenues to many people and has brought forth a new level of communication. People now lean on the social media for support networks, feedback, counsel, research, conversation, and more.

Often times many people have questions that their close friends or family members aren’t best equipped to answer. Traditional search engine queries aren’t always the best way to get you answers to the precise inquiry you may have either. There are many other online solutions to find answers to your questions and even a few solutions to get answers in real-time.

Real-Time Answers

Stumpedia Instant Answers is a real-time portal that connects you to peers that are eagerly waiting to answer your questions. Moreover, you can also answer other people’s questions as well via a plugin.

ChaCha has a similar service but for your mobile phone. Ask any question while you’re on-the-go and receive an answer almost instantly.

Answer Ratings and Voting

Answerbag allows you to post questions and receive answers which are both voted on by other users. The more votes you get for your question the more exposure it gets on the site. A nice thing about the site is the Q&A sections are divided into: Social, Expert, Local, and Shopping.

Askville by Amazon is very similar to Answerbag and can be sorted by topics.

Wiki-Based Answers

WikiAnswers allows users to edit the answers to questions so there aren’t a lot of answers. There’s just one answer that most users tend to agree with.

Message Board Answers

@answerme is almost like a message board answer system that’s operates via Twitter users. While questions aren’t categorized there is a convenient search feature.

Ask MetaFilter is a Q&A page that sorts questions asked by date. While there are tags and a search feature to find what you’re looking for there are better solutions to find or get answers to questions. One big plus is that there seems to be a lot of people paying attention to the questions asked and answering them.

LinkedIn Answers allows you to get answers from experts in the field. If you have a question regarding professional services this is the best place to go for quality answers by community professionals.

Poll Answers

BuzzDash is an excellent way to create your own poll and get community members to vote in your polling system. It creates a neat widget of your poll that you can put on your site as well.

Major Search Engine Answer Sites

Live Search QnA is in beta right now but seems to be getting a decent amount of attention already.

Google Answers no longer accepts questions but has old Q&A archived on their site still.

Yahoo! Answers by far takes the cake. In August 2007 they had 95 million users and 350 million answers worldwide. That number has grown at an enormous rate since then as well. Yahoo! Answers operated on a point system that allows you to earn credibility. See Matt McGee’s post and series on Yahoo! Answers and what it is.

Leveraging Social Q&A

So how does all this apply to you as an Internet marketer?

  • Links
  • Traffic
  • Credibility
  • Branding

Answering people’s questions in a particular niche or industry is a great way to be known as an industry leader. If you expose your or a client’s brand, products, and/or services through these social channels without spamming then you will see many direct and residual benefits from that.

Most of these sites, including Yahoo! Answers, follow links and are a great way to build your link profile even stronger, gain brand exposure, and drive relevant traffic to you or a client’s website.

One of the most important things about answering people’s questions in a social community environment is building your personal credibility. While you gain an authoritative status as an expert and a contributor you will have people pay more and more attention to your contributions and the content that you share. The key is to become a member of the community now and start to participate heavily to gain a guru status before you start to market anything.

While there are many sites to choose from, and the more exposure the better, Yahoo! Answers and LinkedIn Answers can provide the most benefit and ROI for your time investment due to their publicity and user-volume. That’s not to say you shouldn’t experiment to find out what works best for you and which community you fit in best.

Jordan Kasteler (Utah SEO Pro) is a seasoned professional and consultant in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, and all aspects of Internet Marketing.

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan Kasteler

Digital Marketing Consultant at Jordan Kasteler
Jordan Kasteler is a freelance consultant, entrepreneur. Passionately innovating status quo. He has a history of entrepreneurship co-founding such companies as BlueGlass Interactive. His work... Read Full Bio
Jordan Kasteler
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    Here unofficially from Metafilter.

    Go away and die in a fire. You people are too idiotic to hide your self-promotion, guerilla marketing, and spamming. This is not what Metafilter is for and we regularly have laughs at the removal of you people.

  • Ken

    Insightful article. Q&A is a good way of helping others with the added benefit of also helping you.

  • jsanderz

    You have compiled a very useful list, one you haven’t mentioned is Twitter.
    If you have enough followers it is a great place to ask a question.

    Follow Me On Twitter at

  • Sachin

    This is awesome list!!! thanks anyways is also there

  • Tracy Fredrychowski

    I often have used Yahoo! Answers and have really seen good results from it. Not only do you really get to share your knowledge with people looking for help you can open up doors to your Web site you normally wouldn’t have found.

    Great article!

  • Louis Liem

    Stumpedia’s Muchobene didn’t work as I expected. Lots of people asking trash questions I was forced to turn it off

  • David

    Another Q&A site worth knowing about is

    Uclue is staffed by former Google Answers researchers. And like GA, you have to pay to have your questions answered, but the quality of work is excellent and very professional.

    Even if you don’t want to post any questions yourself, Uclue is always a good read.

    Anyway, thanks for posting a very good list.

  • lady lush

    hi i do not know how to talk to other peopl via wiki can u help me

  • Garrett Pierson

    As always Jordan gives another great list of resources to help build traffic and build social equity!

  • ChaCha Fance

    I don’t get why Metafilter is so angry (referring to comment #1) but anyway, nice post. Very helpful!

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    This is an excellent post

    Great Job


  • TJ @ Smartblogtips

    Great post. i was looking for Yahoo Answers alternatives to promote my Niche and gain some credibility. Thanks once again.

    Thinkjayant @ Smartblogtips

  • Loren Baker, Editor


    This is not about spamming or self promotion, it’s about building your reputation online, and Q&A services are not only an excellent outlet to do so, but also encourage business owners to take part in lending their expertise in the Q&A sessions.

    Your comment is out of line.

  • CJ

    I’ve found that these sites all provide minimal traffic. Im a top contributor on yahoo answers for example and level 5 and I contribute about 20 answers daily. About 10 of those provide links to 10 different websites of mine and I am picked as best answer 35% of the time. Regardless, my traffic never seems to break more than 10 people a day coming from yahoo answers even though I have been posting on there 6 months now. You would think that since they dont delete the questions ever, your traffic would just keep building, but people just dont ever visit the older questions that have been answered even though they occassionally show up in google

  • snk

    Thanks for this great article.

    to Metafilter: What is your problem? I don’t see what are you so angry about? … maybe that it wasn’t you who came up with the idea first?…

  • yarnlady

    There are also a lot of newer site, like and that provide many services that can help build your site.