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In May Ann did a post “Track Keyword Positions with BLVD Status” showing how you can enhance your keyword tracking with the analytics tool Well earlier this week they launched two new products, both of which greatly enhance your ability to track and understand both your keyword traffic and rankings.

Keyword Vitals:
Basically a marriage between keyword traffic reports and ranking reports on steroids. It lets you set a date range and see all the words bringing traffic to your site, their visits, unique visitors, conversions, plus “Start Rank,” “Avg Rank,” and “Current Rank.” Start rank is the ranking of each word for the start of your date range, avg rank is the rank throughout the date range and current rank is the live rank, it is green if it is better than the start rank and red if worse.

Advanced Filtering Options: Keyword Vitals lets you filter the results based off of the criteria you present.

– Filter by traffic amount – which lets you bring back only words with a certain amount of visits

– Filter by conversion count – bringing back only words that lead to conversions

-Filter by rank – Brings back only the words that rank within a range you set, ie Top 10.

You can also filter by clicking on the keywords themselves or using the search box.

– Filter by keyword – Will Show every word your site gets traffic from that includes the phrase you specify.

– Filter by URL – Will show every word an individual URL gets traffic for plus rankings. This is very helpful in tracking ROI
of a social media campaign. As it proves that links from viral success lead to rankings.

Alerts: You can also set up keyword alerts by clicking on the keyword, which allows you to be notified via Twitter or Email if your rankings move up or down.

Alerts also allows you to set up notifications for traffic jumps, specific traffic jumps from referring domains, and conversion alerts.

All in all we liked it when it showed you the rankings before and now with a detailed keyword reporting suite and alerts to help you keep tabs on your site it has become a very powerful tool in the SEO space.

Jordan Kasteler

Jordan Kasteler

Digital Marketing Strategist at MWI
Digital Marketing Strategist at MWI. Author of A to Z: Social Media Marketing. International conference speaker. Industry columnist. Involved with SEO since 2001. Former Online Marketing Strategist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Senior SEO at Co-Founder of BlueGlass and Search & Social.
Jordan Kasteler
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