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6 Alternative Social Media Platforms to Consider

Tired of the "big tech" social networks? Check out these 6 alternative social media platforms and see how influencers are finding success on each one.

Alternative social platforms

Have you seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix?

If not, go ahead and watch it if you’re a fan of dystopian horror turned real.

If you have, you probably remember the challenge at the end, where you were asked to join the movement and delete your social media accounts.

The question is, did you do it?

Now, I’m not here to judge your choice.

But if you did delete your Facebook or Instagram, I bet you’re already missing the good stuff.

Because social media isn’t only about terrible things like your data being collected and used for profit.

It’s also about connections; real connections.

It’s also about networking.

The solution?

Sign up for an alternative social media platform.

Here are six you will love.

6 Alternatives to Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Sure, you can live without social media (if you really, really want to).

But what about your brand?

How do you connect with followers who truly love your work?

Don’t worry.

Here are six amazing alternative social platforms you’ll enjoy.

1. MeWe

MeWe is an alternative social network focused on user privacy.

One look at MeWe’s homepage and you’ll immediately think, “This is the opposite of the social media platforms I know.”

And it is!

MeWe prides itself on having an honorable business model that treats people as customers, not data. (We’re looking at you, Facebook!)

Here are five things you’ll love about it:

  • There are zero ads. No annoying sponsored content, either.
  • Your newsfeed is yours to control. It won’t be manipulated in any way to sell you anything.
  • You get a texting app just like Messenger.
  • You don’t need to worry about your personal data being sold to big businesses.
  • It’s as fun and uplifting as other social media platforms, but this time built on trust and love.

2. Ello

Ello - a social network for creators.Ello started out as a social media platform just like Facebook, but without the ads, the infamous “like” button, and the threats to security and privacy.

However, it has since pivoted into a Pinterest-like platform for creators and fans interested in art, fashion, photography, and web culture.

Joining the platform is easy. Simply sign up with your name and email address, and you’re good to go.

When you join, you’re asked a series of questions that are used to customize your feed.

For instance, here’s a feed based on an interest in photography.

Ello is an alternative to Pinterest for creators and artists.

What you’ll love about Ello:

  • Zero ads and zero privacy threats.
  • You can collaborate with, work with, or even hire other creators.
  • You don’t have to give your real name (a username will do).
  • There’s a ton of surprising, raw, unique creations from people all over the world.

3. BitChute

Bitchute, an alternative social media networkBitChute’s promise is to “put creators first and provide them with a service that they can use to flourish and express their ideas freely.”

Put simply, it’s a video-based social media platform just like YouTube…

…but without the filters.

You can say anything on BitChute without getting banned.

Since its creation in 2017, BitChute has seen its share of criticism.

Because without the rules, it’s naturally packed with extremists and hate comments.

But ignoring these, you can easily find a ton of interesting content on the platform.

There’s news, current events, and a host of topics such as animation, business, education, gardening, health, and more.

Here is BitChute’s invitation to join its growing social platform.

BitChute, an anti-censorship social network.

4. Minds

Minds tells users to 'Take back control of your social media"

When you post something on Facebook, a bunch of ads show up beside it.

The question is, do you earn anything from what you post?


If you dislike this idea, you’ll love Minds.

Created as an anti-Facebook social platform, Minds is all about helping content creators flourish.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each time you post, interact with another post, or simply spend time on Minds, you receive a token.
  • You can use your tokens to upgrade your account or boost your reach.
  • You can also cash in on your tokens in USD or Bitcoin.

Sound interesting?

With Minds, you get all the perks of a thriving social media account…

…but this time you get a share of the revenue through simply sharing your time and talent.

5. EyeEm

EyeEm, a royalty-free photography site and social media platformEyeEm is a royalty-free photography site that’s also a social media platform.

If you’re a photographer looking to get exposure and market your services, it’s a great place to be.

But EyeEm isn’t only for professional photographers.

It’s also a platform where you can create events with friends, network with content creators, and gain exposure for your brand.

6. Nextdoor

Try nextdoor as an alternative to your typical social networks.

One thing we love about social networking is that it allows us to connect with people from anywhere in the world.

But to be honest, it can get exhausting.

With almost eight billion people on the planet, there’s just so much going on with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This is where Nextdoor comes in.

Nextdoor is a social media platform where you can get to know your neighbors.

You’ll get to connect with users who live just around the block whether they’re private users, local businesses, nonprofits, or public agencies.

If you’re a business owner, joining Nextdoor is a great way to bring foot traffic to your store.

As soon as you sign up and verify your address, you’ll instantly be connected to people in your neighborhood.

All you need to do is check out their profiles and talk to them on chat!

3 Examples of Influencers Who Have Made it on Alternative Social Media Platforms

I can guess what you’re thinking.

You’re shaking your head right now.

“Those alternative social media platforms are all good,” you say. “But I need to be on Facebook and Instagram to get any followers. There’s no way I can grow a huge following on smaller networks like those.”

If you’re worried about this, you can stop right now.

Because you can become a well-known figure and grow a huge following on these networks.

Check out three examples of people who did it.

1. Cocoa Rae

Cocoa Rae found success on alternative social network Ello

Cocoa Rae is a visual artist and photographer.

Her fantastic art could get her famous on Pinterest, Instagram, or any other large social platform.

But she chose Ello, and she’s huge on the network.

Just check out her profile, which has 1.1 million views.

2. KiBLS

KiBLS, example of an influencer who found success on an alternative social platform.KiBLS is a multimedia artist and poet from Germany.

Their page description reads, “Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with impressive 3D graphics.”

To date, KiBLS has 8,000+ followers and hearty engagement on their posts.

3. Sinan Saglam

Think you can’t make money on an alternative social media network?

I’m not talking about ads.

I’m talking about getting exposure for your brand or the work you do.

That’s exactly what Sinan Saglam, a Berlin-based photographer, did.

He posted his beautiful photos on EyeEm and went on to earn $10,000 from them.

Check out the blog post he wrote on how he did it.

And here’s an example of one of his superb photos.

One of the photos that led an influencer to success on an alternative social media network.

Bonus: Five Celebrities Who Use Alternative Social Media Platforms

Sure, you can find Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner on Facebook and Twitter.

But here’s a list of five famous people who actually use alternative social media platforms (you’ll be surprised when you hear their names):

  • Ellen Degeneres (on Nextdoor).
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (on Nextdoor).
  • Portia de Rossi (on Nextdoor).
  • Miley Cyrus (on Ello).
  • Stephen Fry (on Ello).

What to Do If You’re Tired of the “BIG” Social Media Platforms

I know and you know, social media is an essential part of a ton of people’s lives.

Which means it’s one of the best places to gain exposure and market your brand.

But the truth is, it can be exhausting.

You keep getting targeted by ads. Annoying sponsored content pops up when you least expect it. You’re not even sure if you’re talking to a human or a bot.

You want to quit social media, but that means letting go of a huge opportunity to market your brand or network with other people in your field.

The answer?

Hop on one of the smaller but growing alternative social media platforms I’ve mentioned.

Find people you know (you’ll be surprised to know how many people actually use these platforms).

Talk about what you do, sell your photos, make real connections.

You’ll be surprised to find out how much you can grow your brand, even without being on Facebook or Twitter.

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All screenshots taken by author, January 2021.

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6 Alternative Social Media Platforms to Consider

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