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#MarketingNerds Episodes for Our New SEO Guide

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#MarketingNerds Episodes for Our New SEO Guide

We are super excited about our newly revamped SEO Guide. Written by industry experts like Eric Enge, Anne Ahola Ward, Julia McCoy, and Rocco Baldassarre, it is filled with all the information you need to be effective at SEO in 2016.


However, sometimes you want to get your learning on without reading nine million pages. I get it. Which is why I compiled this list of Marketing Nerds episodes so you can listen to the best SEO advice while on the go. Our guide is broken into three sections: SEO Basics, Strategic Thinking and Tactics for SEO, and Getting More Value Out of Your SEO Campaigns, so I choose five must-listen-to podcasts for each section.

Section 1: SEO Basics

Mary Bowling on How to Optimize for Local SEO, Including Voice & Mobile Search

This podcast episode focuses on what businesses should be focusing on when it comes to local SEO. For smaller brands and those with brick and mortar locations, being effective in local is vital to SEO success.

Can Google AdWords Customer Match Take Your PPC to the Next Level? Marketing Nerds with Larry Kim

In this episode, Larry gives an overview of the new AdWords’ feature and talks about why it’s better to choose niche PPC audiences over broad ones. This episode pairs well with our PPC Best Practices Chapter by Rocco. 

Mobile Search and How to Integrate SEO with Nick Wilsdon of Vodafone

If you’ve been paying attention, you know mobile is sort of a big deal. (If not, read the Intro to Mobile SEO chapter of our SEO Guide). In this episode, Kelsey Jones sits down with the Lead SEO of Vodafone to talk about why it is crucial to integrate SEO into all departments and how to succeed in mobile SEO.

Anne Ahola Ward: Best Practices in Mobile SEO, ASO, and Working Alongside Developers

This in this episode of Marketing Nerds, SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones was joined by Anne Ahola Ward, who wrote the What’s Next In Search chapter of our SEO Guide. In this podcast, she shares best practices in mobile, ASO, and how to work effectively with site developers.

MarketingNerds with Roger Montti: Traditional SEO Versus User Experience

This episode with Roger Montti (who wrote this chapter on keyword research) matches up well with the SEO Basics section because he talks a ton about the history of SEO, what traditional SEO is, and how it compares to UX. Roger has been in SEO since the beginning, making this a must-listen-to episode for all SEOs.

Strategic Thinking and Tactics for SEO

Ryan Stewart on How to Identify & Pitch Outreach Opportunities #MarketingNerds

Struggling with link building? Or, as Anna Crowe likes to think of it, link earning? In this episode, Ryan Stewart explains how he creates successful outreach emails for links, podcast guest spots, writing, and more.

Kathleen Garvin of Penny Hoarder on Creating Engaging Content and #ChewbaccaMom

Your SEO needs content marketing to be successful in 2016. In this episode, I chat with Kathleen Garvin of Penny Hoarder about how to create engaging, possibly viral content by paying attention to news and trends your audience cares about. We also talk about how brands need to be careful when it comes to news jacking.

SpyFu CEO Mike Roberts on How to Spy on Your Competitors

In this episode of Marketing Nerds, Brent Csutoras talks to Mike Roberts of SpyFu, a popular keyword research tool. If you read our chapter on keyword research, you know how vital it is to your SEO success. For more info, listen to the episode below!

Why Do People Share on Social Media?

Wondering what makes people want to share your content on social media? Take a listen to this episode of with  Triberr CEO and founder Dino Dogan and SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones.

Identifying and Repurposing Evergreen Content for Success

An important part of knowing your audience is understanding what kind of content they want to read or watch. Once you create that awesome piece of content, you need to make the most of it. In this episode, Brent Csutoras sits down with  Wil Reynolds, the Founder and Director of Strategy at Seer Interactive, to talk about how repurposing your content will make sure you get the most mileage out of your evergreen content.

Getting More Value Our of Your SEO Campaigns

Mindy Weinstein Talks About the Changing Search Landscape on #MarketingNerds

In Episode 88, Mindy Weinstein of Bruce Clay, Inc, sat down with me to talk about the future of search. Surprise, there is a whole lot about voice search. Click play to listen now!

François Goube Shares Why Data is so Important in SEO

Getting the most of SEO requires spending a lot of time looking at data. This episode with the CEO of Cogniteev, François Goube, covers why data matters and methods you can use to improve your ROI. This podcast pairs quite well with the Complete Guide to SEO Conversions and Metrics chapter of our guide.

Mark Traphagen Talks Search Marketing in 2016

In this episode, Mark Traphagen (who co-wrote the Three Pillars of SEO section of our SEO Guide!) gives an overview of SEO in 2016, including Mobilgeddon, HTTPS, the evolution of  SEO and the types of content that perform best in search results.

MarketingNerds Podcast w/Annie Cushing: How Audits and Analytics Can Help You Understand Your Traffic

If you are looking to get the most out of your SEO efforts, you need to make sure you understand who is coming to your site and why. Which means you need to be looking at the numbers and what they mean. (You should also be utilizing tools to make it easier!) Listen to this episode with Annie Cushing to learn about audits and Google Analytics features most SEOs don’t use.

Pamela Lund on Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Building a cohesive marketing plan is no easy task. In this episode, Pamela Lund sat down with me to talk about how to get started building a comprehensive plan. We also discuss how to help a CEO understand when ROIs aren’t immediate, how to use remarketing, and how to use video.


Want to listen to more Marketing Nerds episodes? Head over to our archives.


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