10 Mistakes To Avoid In Setting Up An E-commerce Site

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Whatever product or service your website offers, the Internet offers you the opportunity to reach out to the global market and has the potential to offer equal opportunities to all companies big and small irrespective of what their balance sheets say about them. The internet helps you to reach customers around the world who can conveniently buy from your online storefront 24/7/365.

But in the competitive world of the Web, growing your business and increasing your profits online requires careful planning and important steps. For every successful e-commerce business, there are dozens that fail because they don’t address basic risks and pitfalls along the way. The following list helps your online store to have a solid base that covers the major pitfalls to avoid in setting an e-commerce .

The Main Checklist for avoiding any pitfalls in setting up an e-commerce Site are:

1. Complicated Checkout: Don’t over complicate the checkout process of your customers, keep it simple as possible, and try not to ask too much information, just the necessary information to carry out the transaction should be sufficient.

2. Bad Payment Gateway: Use a payment gateway that your customers feel comfortable with and a one, which is secure and verified.

3. Information Overload– Keep the site simple and straightforward, do not over do it with too much information and overcrowded designs.

4. No Product Information: State clearly what your customers will be getting, in the description, to avoid any disappointments.

5. Not having a good return policy & terms: Your customers cant’t visualise and feel the product; you cannot afford to have a good return policy, this will give them that slight more assurance in your product.

6. Not Securing Your Site: If your going to be capturing customers details directly on your site, you need to ensure that your site is secure, you can buy an SSL certificate, which will give your customers a peace of mind that their data is secure and encrypted.

7. No Products on home page: Your home page is your shop window, this is what most of your visitors will see first, make use of this page, by promoting your top selling products, sales offers, and other products on your site.

8. Slow Loading Speed: E-commerce sites can be quite heavy in files to load up, as there are lots of modules and features to display, ensure that your site loads up in a good speed, by optimizing the coding along with investing into a good hosting server.

9. Poor SEO & Marketing: Once your site is live, you want to make sure that it ranks well, and that search engines can index your site with ease, by not having a good SEO and Marketing plan in place, you will not be doing justice to your site. Invest into a good SEO company to carry out SEO work on your site.

10. Not Up Selling: When a visitor of your site has made a commitment to buy, they are interested in your products, and like what you are offering, take this opportunity to up sell the other products, the best way to do this, is during the checkout stages have a section for “other products you may be interested in” or you can display related products when they are on your product detail page.

If the above points are kept in mind while setting up the online business then it at least ensures the features of Speed , Security and Simplicity which all add value to the whole online user experience. As no site has any value until the user experience is at the nucleus of the whole site.

Wasim Ismail

Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online industries.
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  • David Hartstein

    Thanks for the article Wasim. I agree with your point about upselling, but only to a certain point. If it is in the form of a sidebar that has related products that is great. But it seems that people sometimes forego user experience in the name of sales and have a host of popup windows with related products. Then you have to hunt for the “No Thanks” or “Skip to Checkout” buttons. In my mind Amazon does a nice, subtle job of upselling. It’s understated and yet I check it almost every time I log on to the website. Thanks again for the post.

    • Anonymous

      Yes i know what you mean, and these pop ups can get annoying and at times even put you off, the up selling process should be again simple, and think it in a way as recommending something to your visitor rather than hard selling.

    • Anonymous

      Yes i know what you mean, and these pop ups can get annoying and at times even put you off, the up selling process should be again simple, and think it in a way as recommending something to your visitor rather than hard selling.

  • Elton Sites

    Keeping a website, especially an e-commerce site, as simple as possible gives it better usability and user experience. Thank you for sharing these other tips. really helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Yes the more simple it is, the better it is for users, and they will come back to your site, as they know the process is simple and straight forward.

  • amit nanda

    Thanks for a very useful article. An E-commerce site should always be as simple so as to let the user come more often.

    Thanks again,

  • Moosa Hemani

    Agreed with the point time load! not only because its a Google algo but even from the usability point of view users have choice for e.g. when buying any electronic product online… why would one will gonna stay on your website for 2 mins when he can buy the same thing easier and quicker from some other website…

    • Anonymous

      Yes Moosa, it’s about keeping your customer experience at the top of your priority, by ensuring that there transactions and process through the site is smooth as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Setting up an ecommerce website is a tough and time consuming process and if you are doing it, these above tips are very much necessary for your websites success. Starting from the website design, images and navigation to payment process and checkout, everything is necessary and important for your website success.

    • Anonymous

      Setting up any business can be time consuming, hence if you have set guidelines that you can follow, and avoid mistakes that others have made, it will make things easier for you, and stop you from falling into the traps that others fell into.

  • Ravikrishna103

    These turn-ons were good, how about turn-offs for an e-commerce site?

  • Anonymous

    Very Interesting. Thanks for the post.

  • Kumar Rajnikant

    Yes I’m agree with issues discussed above specially complicated checkout and bad payment gateway…

  • RUSS

    A complicated checkout will frustrate a customer and make them leave… I dont know how many times this has happened to me.. Good list.

  • Torrent site

    Great! Nice tips! I was looking such information for a long time! I think they so helpful for my own site!

  • ndtvexpress

    Great tips……. Thanks you

  • Praveen

    Useful tips! This will be really helpful for newbies.

  • Long Island SEO

    Great tips, especially number 9 (Poor SEO & Marketing). I cant tell you how many times people overlook that when opening up an ecommerce site. They think that if they just make a site people will magically find it. This is a good article to refer my new clients to. Thanks.

  • Cyprus Web Design

    Good points even they are much more especially for ecommerce. For example a quick one “do not add products with no image”, even its so obvious you can see a lot of commerce websites doing this mistake.
    Thanks again

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