Yahoo Beams Social Media Into Space

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Yahoo Beams Social Media Into Space

Yahoo is pulling off one impressive publicity campaign centered around its social media offerings of blogging, photo uploading & sharing, and video upload with the first ever electronic anthropology archive, or Yahoo Time Capsule.

Yahoo is asking its global users to contribute personal photos, stories, thoughts, ideas, poems, prayers, home movies, music and art to an online anthropology project.

Beginning yesterday and ending on November 8th, the Yahoo Time Capsule will be open for contribution via promotion on and 25 local Yahoo homepages worldwide.

Yahoo! branded Web services connect around 500 million users worldwide every month,” said Jerry Yang, co-founder and Chief Yahoo! “We are proud to document this moment in history to celebrate the power of the global online community and to provide a snapshot of who we are in 2006 to share with generations to come.”

Adding to the festivities, from October 25-27, content gathered from the Yahoo Time Capsule project will be projected onto the Teotihuacan pyramid located in Mexico and Yahoo will also beam the capsule info into space via a digitized laser!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • David Ryan


    I have been studying time capsules for the last 2 years and I think Yahoo is missing the boat. Time capsules are irrelevent since they are edited and not sent to anybody in particular.

    For a better feel of what life was like in the 50’s, you are better off wathcing I love Lucy.

    For a time capsule to have value, you require a defined contributor and a defined recipient with something of value to share. Parents are a perfect example.

    This has led me to create For parents to share today what they can’t since their kids are too young to understand. This is a valuable time capsule.

    This being said, I think Yahoo did a great job at creating this time capsule. The visuals are great… I really like it.. but it lacks value like any other large scale time capsule.

  • Atom

    This may be a very ill advised action. Who are we sending this to anyway? Emotionally I think it is for human consumption. It makes sense to us, as humans. It may not make sense to another species. They may find lasers offensive. Perhaps like humans, they still have vestigal violent trends… WE DONT KNOW!!! So let’s keep that pointless and possibly dangerous time capsule at home, where we might actually get to enjoy it as something more that a headline grabbing PR stunt from a disgusting mega-corporation.
    BTW… Do we really want aliens to know about our addiction to blogging? Kind of makes us look lame at best.