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Wikipedia and Partner for 1-Click Answers Search Tool and The Wikimedia Foundation announced a partnership to feature one-click access to Wikipedia, the free-content, user-edited encyclopedia. Answers, which provides the content for Google Definitions links, will create a software-based co-branded version of to be called 1-Click Answers, Wikipedia Edition, from which advertising revenues will be split with The Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia will create a Tools page on its English-language site to promote useful tools that access Wikipedia, and 1-Click Answers, Wikipedia Edition, will receive charter placement on that page.

“We are pleased to partner with, encouraging software that improves access to Wikipedia,” said Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder and Wikimedia Foundation President. “Bob Rosenschein and his team have created an innovative technology which helps users click on any word in any application to look it up in Wikipedia. We expect that our users will appreciate the extra convenience.”

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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