Who was Baiting who? Rand or Geraldine?

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The anonymous lover from MySuperProposal.com who was attempting to get the funds to propose to his loved one via a 30 seconds Ad during the XLI. Superbowl came out of the closet.

It is no other than “Our” Rand “Linkbait” Fishkin from SEOMoz.org.
The proposal and background story got quite some media coverage. Perfect “Bait” Rand :).

Everybody is showing his video at iFilm.

Cheers and Congratulations Rand and Geraldine!

Link to Video

p.s. and the answer to this posts title is obviously clear, isn’t it? 😉

Carsten Cumbrowski
Cumbrowski.com – Internet Marketing Resources

Sorry for the earlier mistake with the fiance’s first name. That’s what you get if you copy and paste half asleep 🙂

Carsten Cumbrowski
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