The Retailers Guide to Social, Local, and Mobile [Infographic]

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SoLoMo, short for “social-local-mobile,” is essentially the addition of local information to search engine results in order to capitalize on the increasing use of mobile devices. SoLoMo has also evolved to include mobile-specific offers pushed out to consumers based on their current location. If you are among the growing population that now has smart phones, you have no doubt seen and even taken advantage of these kinds of offers.

In this infographic from Monetate, learn how SoLoMo is having an overall impact on traditional eCommerce, and how consumers are using their smartphones to access social and local sites which ultimately influence purchases. It also also touches on the showrooming effect, providing retailers a guide to making the most out of  SoLoMo opportunities.

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The Retailers Guide to SoLoMo
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  • Andrew Bink

    Great infographic, so much information, thanks a lot!

  • Gabriel Ghavami

    I like the “SOLOMO”-concept!

    Reallity is that most large companies fail to recognize the importance of the mobile web and, thus, treat it as a side issue in the website discussion. Unfortunately, their influence is guiding other businesses (and customers) to underestimate the importance of mobilization.
    At the present, people discuss the traditional web as the default and the mobile web as a side note. This, however, will be reversed in the near future. The one desktop computer for each family is rapidly being replaced by the much more personal individual Smartphone for every person. This means that the mobile web will soon be the default language, and instead of saying “mobile-friendly website”, the term “desktop-friendly website” will be coined.
    Every company must shift gears and have a mobile strategy, And while this may not feel comfortable, it is our reality.