The Authority Building Machine [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The Authority Building Machine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vertical Measures created an infographic called “The Authority Building Machine” that has some detailed information about building authority for your website. There is a pretty good list of things you should be doing. A good one to print and hang on the wall of your Internet marketing departments.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Melissa, thanks for sharing this infographic. Implementing a few of these strategies is more than many sites are doing and still having great success. It is nice to see that they included press releases and stumbleupon advertising, two very great methods for increasing your website traffic.

  • Thank You Very Much for this wonderful and useful Info-graphic. This is going to be very useful for us in various ways. Keep Doing this kind of Beautiful work.

    Bless You!

  • Thanks Melissa for this amazing pictorial explanation.

  • I would add to establish a mobile web site to enable you to have yet another link back to your main site.

  • Ilse

    Just a small sidenote: I’d make the importance of content visiually much more clear. The only way to get all of the potential out of the strategies is to start out with killer-content. That’s what you can work with after, to create your “machine”:)

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  • This is a great mechanic look on what is the need of being behind a great and successful website, this might as well be with clouds, but this graph is basically all you need to succeed.

  • I believe a missing piece of building authority is blog commenting. I don’t mean comment spam, but rather really finding the important blogs for your industry and being a regular contribute of value added comments can help in the process of building your authority, both directly and indirectly.

  • i need to print this thing out and shot it to my bosses. their expectations and reality don’t always land on the same page. this is great.

  • buzzquotient

    This infographic really has some cool ideas which if implemented can build authority of website in its domain. It can also help in social media marketing campaign as well as optimiztion of website for various keywords.