SMX Social New York: Conference Wrap Up

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The SMX Social Media conference is ready to wrap up, and I hope you have enjoyed my coverage over the past couple of days. There have been a number of entries here on Search Engine Journal — so here is a quick list for you to access individual panel recaps here on Search Engine Journal:

Search Engine Journal Coverage
Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers & Answer Sharing
Micro Communities
Evangelist – The Marketer’s Role in SMM
Effectively Leveraging Social Networking
SMX Keynote and QA Session With Founders of StumbleUpon and
A Marketer’s Guide to Social Bookmarking & Tagging
Extra! Extra! The Social News Sites
Linkbait – Chumming for Traffic on Social Media Sites
Social Media Marketing Essentials
Day One at SMX Social New York

In addition, there is an incredible list with more than 60 links gathered and posted by Barry Schwartz over on Search Engine Land with links and coverage on every facet of this conference.

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