Shopping Search API’s on Yahoo Tech

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Shopping Search API’s on Yahoo Tech

Just got this from the Yahoo PR team; the new Yahoo Tech Channel is powered by the same shopping web services available to anyone through the Yahoo! Developer Network. More information from the Yahoo Shopping API site:

“The Yahoo! Shopping APIs enable you to use Yahoo! comparison shopping data to power your site or application. Using our APIs, you can search our database of millions of product offers from thousands of merchants to create applications that provide comparison shopping and product search functionality, as well as display user reviews. Best of all, our paid syndication beta allows you to generate additional revenue directly from your site!”

And from the Yahoo spokesperson: “The shopping web services power Yahoo! Tech’s product search, search refinement, product information pages, and user reviews. We think this is a powerful example of what developers can do with our Shopping Web Services.”

Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

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  • Lending another degree to the coolness of Yahoo & Google API’s and how they feed the creative appetites out in developer land.

    Thanks for the update on Yahoo Tech Wendy 🙂 Wonder if there are any lists of Yahoo Shopping API’s out there?

  • Nice writeup Wendy.

    Loren- You can checkout the API section of which lists web applications and “mashups” that utilize different APIs (including the Yahoo! Shopping API).

  • Cheers Marc, I’ll do so and post a follow up.

  • nice thank you very m,uch