Searchme Adds New Features – Stacks and Media Search

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Searchme, the visual search engine has recently launched two new features – Stacks and media search. Stacks enables users to intuitively save search results and make them shareable. The results can be mailed, added to blogs or added to FaceBook, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon or MySpace.

Creating stacks of results is easy. Just drag the search result page to the top left and the page is added to the stack. I tried it on FireFox 3.0 and it really worked great. Would have been cool to have a way to select multiple pages and move them to stack though.

As of now clearing the flash cache results in deletion of all saved results but the Searchme team is working on making a centralized repository available for accessing results from anywhere.

The search engine has also added a media search feature that searched images from Flickr and videos from YouTube.

You can see the new features in action from here.

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