NoFoodHere Search Uses UI Tweaks & Tabs for Better Search Experience

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NoFoodHere is a search engine developed by Jordan Bayliss-McCulloch, an Engineering student at the University of Melbourne.

The engine culls results from Yahoo but presents them in a uniquely tabbed interface with a single page scrollable list of results. As the user moves down the list, more results are generated in real time.

Now, tabbed searching is not a new, neither is real time streaming of results ( it was there in Microsoft Live Search in the beginning ). The point here is that since the early days of Internet, the very passageways to the Web have remained more or less the same.

To that extent, NoFoodHere is another attempt to innovate on the User interface element. In fact Jordan’s blog refers to several other graphics projects that he has undertaken.

While the vanilla plain interface from Google, ( or the more colored one at Yahoo! ) are nothing to complain about, what innovations do you think would make for a killer next generation interface?

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