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SEO Guy recently launched the beta version of a PageRank lookup tool. The new PageRank tool allows the user to

  • choose a search term to view PageRank for
  • choose a specific PageRank level (1-10)
  • choose a specific search depth (from 1 – 10 pages)

When the user defines these values and enters a search term the tool will retrieve a list of all pages within that data set that have a PageRank equal to or greater than the specified PageRank. This data can be used to see how strong Google believes the link popularity to be for some of your competitors, and to help you choose keywords which you believe you can obtain top rankings for.

posted by Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall
Aaron Wall, Search Marketing / SEO Coverage and Rants - Aaron Wall is one of the most vocal search engine marketers in the business and he has channeled his thoughts and expertise into his widely popular eBook, SEObook.
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  • Navneet

    Wow!. This is a cool tool. It will help so much in link building and while analyzing top sites in google.

    A great time saver ūüôā

  • Nik

    Great tool for analyzing sites page rank for link building in google. Its also solve needs for Linux OS user those needs google toolbar (there is no google toolbar in Linux OS) for to know page rank in google.

  • Daniel Smith

    cool tool, i recommend

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