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Google ‘Toolbar’ PageRank is updating this week, in what seems to be the first PageRank update of 2008. Barry points to this Webmaster World thread about sites being penalized and dropped down to a zero.

Some of the webmasters are reporting that the issue may be because of duplicate content. For those of you who remember (most readers should) there was a major toolbar PageRank update at the end of last year where Google lowered the toolbar PageRank of some sites that were openly selling links.

Personally, I have not seen any of the sites I visit or work with change in PageRank, but some of the members of this Digital Point thread report that their PageRank is also increasing.

Any changes in your Google Toolbar PageRank?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Pablo Palatnik

    Loren, I believe the pagerank update is heavily being weighted and affecting sites with duplicate content.

    One of my sites, not recently, but about 2 months ago, went from a PR 4 to 0.

    This may be a cause of a few things though but duplicate content could be one of the main issues.

  • Website Optimization – Terry Reeves

    I have been waiting for this update! I have been doing a great deal of work on many sites and I look forward to the token reward that Google hands out periodically.

  • SEO

    Nothing here…maybe will happen this weekend. Not very excited about this anyway

  • Ray Blanchett

    Pr update!

    Well done everyone who received pr reward.

    My personal website received 19 pages of pr3, the same as the homepage well before the October 2007 update, possibly for unique content and deep linking. No clear evidence of a major update at present for 2008. Maybe this is an adjustment before the periodic update. Big word maybe! As an academic this topic makes me laugh as much when webmasters talk about how to get edu links.

  • Prashant Kumar Pracheta

    Hello Friends………
    Its a gr8 news for us………
    its time for seeing updation in page rank .

  • Jacqulyn Richey – Las Vegas

    Just transferred from a template provider to a drupal based site, so I’m seeing quite a few of the new urls showing page rank.

  • John

    I do not know Google’s PR had updated, i will check my sites later.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been reading a few different reports (one of my sites included) where the internal pages of the site have been updated but the homepage has not as of yet. Honestly I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ll just wait it out, see what happens in a few days I guess ….

  • Roy

    My site are experiencing large jiggles in SERP’s, I think there’s a GoogleDance going on as SERP’s are updated into the index results.

    No PageRank change noticed yet and no new Google backlinks either for me!

  • Saeed Ashour

    Hi all
    Still my PR is 8 !! and nothing changed

  • Abi Bakar

    Yes it changed, my PR went up from 4 to 6

  • Amy

    Two of my sites’ PR changed.
    one from PR0 to PR3
    the other one from N/A to PR2
    Good thing the new year PR update had some positive effect on my sites 🙂

  • inside-marketing

    Site PR went down form 5 to 4 … i hope the falling stops now 🙁

  • SEO Expert

    my blog went down from 2 to zero and couple of other webpages as well though i hav’not change any thing on those pages from last update, it confused me first it come very sson as compare to the last one and second y they are putting down even i hav’t change any thing

  • World Wide Webs

    Sorry for ya guys.
    I am happy to have all my websites growing with pagerank.
    Most of them are PR3 but is ok.
    I was happy to see that most of the site i created have the pr grown, but i was upset when i sau my site at PR1 from 3.
    I also didn’t done any modifications to this site.
    I believe that PR its based on the trafic.
    because i have the same site, but i didn’t managed it for almost 6 months and people stoped to join it .

  • lee johnson

    Here at Customer Street we have not really noticed any change in our main directories but the blogs for each department have gone up from 2 to 3. I think it is still being rolled out so lets wait and see.

  • Mirco

    I haven’t noticed anything. Still all the same.

  • Priceblaze


    Yes I have increase in BL and the PR for one of my web site.

  • Himanshu

    My ranking has been dropped from 4 to 2 🙁

  • Lewis is a new domain name (Aug 07) and gets flow on ranking from still showing as a “3”. Several tools suggest that will go from 3 to 5 at the next update, but I have yet to see this. Presume that will continue to get the flow on benefit.

  • Planet Earth Webs

    Any clues to the next PageRank toolbar update please

  • sigit triyoko

    thank you News Tutorial hacking