Matt Cutts Answers “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?”

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OK, I am not sure if videos are ever put on SEJ; I am new at this job. However, I had to post this one because Matt Cutts actually discusses how SEOs help clients, gives great examples and says some amazing things.


  1. Search engines are not as smart as people yet.”
  2. Search engine optimization can be a valid way to help people find what they are looking for via search engines.”
  3. There are many many, many valid ways people can make the world better with SEO.”

WOW! Thanks Matt Cutts! Go conquer the world my fellow SEOs!

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Blu Wave Media

    SEO is an art form. I feel like SEO has had a bad wrap for the past couple years because of offshore scams, but it is a viable tool for businesses to take advantage of. I love the Google Developers Youtube Page, so post more video’s.

  • Lime Kitchens

    Sure SEO is and will be important but I don’t think he said anything new (or did I miss something?)

  • Digital Ark


    Great post. This has worried me for a while that it could penalise my site. Coming from Matt Cutt’s, this is a big relief.


  • Melissa Fach


    No, he didn’t say anything new to us, but it is new for him or any Google rep to put it in a video.

    • Cowessess Wayna

      Yes you are right…there is nothing said by him regarding Seo.. but i can say that he just changed the view of angle (little bit) towards Seo!

  • Joel

    Haha, good thing search engines are not as smart as people yet. Makes me wonder what they are doing with them.

  • Michael Rurup Andersen

    SEO done white is of cource not bad. Thanks for the validation Matt! And thank you Melissa for spreading the word 🙂

  • Rina As

    Because search engines are not more intelligent than humans and have many shortcomings. search engine results can still be manipulated with seo techniques that cheating.

  • Eliseo V

    I wish he said something about off-page optimisation…or does this concept only exist on the wrong side of the line?

  • George

    It’s nice to hear this coming from him. @Eliseo V I think he’s referring to both concepts since SEO involves both on-page and off-page optimization. Where you really need to be careful is in your off-page…

  • Moe james

    All SEO tactics are some sort of search engine manipulation. Good or Bad, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Google is much smarter than people think. So far, I have been using a wordpress seo plugin that I actually do see results. It has auto-mass tagger, LSI keyword finder, relevant Backlink and PR finder +. It is for Lazy SEO heads like me, lol. Link on to the site for a video demo of it. Much Success.

  • Martin Gram

    A lot of nice Google words without really saying anything. Just another Google commercial speak

  • John Nagle

    Most of Google’s competitors would disagree. Blekko, DuckDuckGo, and M.C. Hammer’s new search engine all take a much harder line on spam than Google does. They’re all tiny, and growing. And they’re getting funding.

    Remember Lycos, “the catalog of the Internet”? Most used destination on the web a decade ago? Where are they now? Remember Myspace? Yahoo? #1 is not forever. Google’s increasing ad density is a sign of trouble.

    The stock market recognizes this. Google stock peaked in 2007, before the recession.

  • Ross Tavendale

    Hi Melissa,

    I think this is an obvious move for Google to be taking. Just as marajuana is seen as a gateway drug to crack, I see SEO as a gateway to PPC- and this is what Google is ultimately pushing. (And don’t try and argue that PPC is not like crack….try getting a client to kick that habit 😉

    Apart from making money Google is also very good at social conditioning. If Google push out best practices or guidelines and then back it up by warning of harsh penalties then they start to condition people to carry out SEO work that does not game the engines.

    SEO is going to become a part of the marketing mix for all companies in the future so it is important that the big G starts to publicly accept this and try and harness what is happening to their advantage instead of trying to fight against it.

  • John Bolyard

    If Google isn’t selling you products (PPC) then you are the product. I always remember that when I’m creating a SEO campaign for a client.

    Google wants my client to feed them fresh, relevant content that they can SELL to their PPC advertisers.

    Get that and you get SEO.

  • Duran

    It;s funny that matt talks about everything but link building… google created its algorithms based mostly on incoming links and made the entire webmasters community chase links but now when it comes to talking about SEO he practically says nothing.

    well of course matt speaks nicely about SEO’s we are the best publishers of google to the world and they need us as much as we need them.

  • Rednights

    Don’t worry about the video post, wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

  • BuzzQuotient

    Google certainly doesn’t consider SEO to be spam. What it considers spam is Black Hat SEO. Fresh and relevant content adds credibility to website and establishes it as authority in eyes of search engine. Also SEO practised makes good websites visible in eyes of search engine spiders. So definitely it is not a spam.