How To Perform Article Marketing in 2011

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Understanding the Concepts of Article Marketing

There has been a definitive reason why article marketing is popular for search engine optimization: it works. Or, more accurately, it works on several levels beyond the mere impact that it has on the search engines. Then again, “mere” may not be the right term to employ since the placement impact derived from article marketing can be quite significant. Breaking into the top ten of the main searching engines rankings is a likely outcome when several promotional articles have been published.

Yet, there are other benefits that article marketing offers and many of these benefits are of the psychological variety. In other words, an impression is left with the reader upon reading the material. Whether the reader is informed, entertained, or both, reading the article can provide a positive impression that leads him/her to patronize the website the article is supporting. Those hoping to maximize the potential of their search engine optimization campaign need to venture beyond just looking to boost rankings. They will need to employ a campaign that promotes the ability to generate sales and revenues. Really, without enhanced sales and revenues, a marketing campaign falters. This will be the case no matter how a particular website is ranked in the search engines.

How to Engage in Article Marketing

As such, it is vital that article marketing embody certain conceptual strategies and proven techniques in order to deliver success. Those new to the world of article marketing should not assume this is all that complicated. Most of the solid points that make article marketing successful are rather simple in concept, design, and theory.

For article marketing to be successful, it needs to brand your business. That means the articles will be employed to raise the name recognition of your business and your website. In addition to boosting the name recognition of the business/site, it should also help the business appear credible. That means quality writing is a must.

Of course, the presentation of the articles has to follow an effective paradigm as well. In other words, you will want the article to appear on directories, blogs, etc that sustain high levels or readership and are known for their editorial standards.

And you need to publish articles…a lot of them. Since many have difficulty writing hundreds of original articles, an alternative method is employed.

One of the best strategies to employ would be to write a high quality article and then remake four versions of the article. Not the word used here was remake and not rewrite or spin. You do not want to write one high quality article and then produce four inferior copies. You will want the writer to painstakingly rewrite the article so that the original intent and quality remains. Think in terms of remaking a motion picture. You always want the remake to stand on its own as a quality product.

Never deviate from this basic maxim or else the entire article marketing campaign could falter.

When the rewrites merely substitute spun words, the quality is lost. Some might even follow the strategy of spinning 50 versions of the same article and dumping them onto article directories and blogs. Honestly, as a cheap link and traffic generation strategy, this has the potential to work. But, it will never deliver the impactful marketing psychology present with effectively crafting decent articles that deliver on their intended purposes.

The bottom line here is you can sacrifice quality in the spinning of the articles and get some value. However, “some value” is just not the same benefit as maximizing the article’s full value potential. And a solid article and its rewritten versions can most definitely have tremendous value. Remember, for many people reading the rewrite, the fact that it is a rewrite is not even known. As far as the reader is concerned, the article is a completely original concept. As such, it must have the same value and impact as a well crafted and original article. If it doesn’t then the value of the rewrite will be the inverse of its intended goal. In other words, it will leave a negative impression as opposed to a positive one.

Here is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration: A high quality article has the potential to go viral by way of being republished. Or, at the very least, other websites and blogs may link to it. This means the article signature and its accompanying links will be circulated at well. The end result of this would be more traffic and a positive impact on the search engine rankings. Such will not be the case with articles of low quality. Spun articles or rush job originals will not catch anyone’s eye. If they make an impression it will invariably be a bad impression. Does this sound like a helpful strategy for boosting your business? Not in the least bit!

Again, anytime you employ an article marketing strategy you will need the articles to be of a high level of quality. When the quality of the writing is decent, the article will become noticed. It will also generate a positive impression on the product or service it is promoting. In short, it will actually perform…marketing!

The basic concepts found in article marketing are quite simple. They do, however, need to be adhered to without deviation from the components that make them successful. Those that understand the elements that make article marketing a workable process will reap the appropriate rewards. Those rewards, of course, will be enhanced business success which is a goal well worth achieving.

Cristian Lungu

Cristian Lungu

Cristian Lungu stacks his recent findings on internet marketing on his personal blog There you can find unbiased reviews for web marketing apps like article submission software and also timely tips and strategies on how to drive free traffic to online businesses.
Cristian Lungu

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  • Perry West

    This is actually one of the trends for SEO. Article marketing is also a great way to promote products and services over the internet. and it is pretty effective as well.

  • Perry West

    This is actually one of the trends for SEO. Article marketing is also a great way to promote products and services over the internet. and it is pretty effective as well.

    • Melanie

      Hi Perry. I am curious what sites you are using, as all of the ones I have researched clearly say they don’t accept articles that are promotional and have company/product name mentions. We had a non-promotional article that we once submitted, and it was still rejected for being promotional though it was just an informative Q&A between two health professionals with any company/product names taken out.

  • Magento Themes

    Its always evident that Article submission and marketing works, as search engines give good priority to good articles. But recently people are talking about the change of Google algorithm and they are telling that Google and other search engines gives no more priority to the articles.

  • Vlad Rascanu

    Let’s just say that one has to choose between quality and quantity. You can’t really have both unless you have a lot of time on your hands, which many of us do not. Thus, for the purpose of SEO one may opt of quantity and go with the spun articles. For the purpose of getting visitors to your site and subscribers and potential customers one may opt for quality and create interesting and fresh articles from scratch.

    Good post Cristian.

  • Melanie

    What article submission sites are the best? I researched several of them and took extensive notes of the submission guidelines for each. The first article we wanted to submit was an “Interview with…” Q&A type article, and I made sure to take a look at other articles on the sites that were a Q&A between two people to follow the same format and make sure our content would be accepted by the site and useful for readers in our industry.

    The Q&A was between two respected health professionals in our industry, and was about industry topics, rather than about our company, products, etc. It was not promotional and was not about trying to sell anything. I took out any minute mention of a product or company name, even if it wasn’t ours. We went with Ezine, but they rejected the article because of the exact things we painstakingly avoided for the Ezine version (company or product names, promotional/sales copy, etc.).

    After taking a look at other articles on Ezine, especially the ones with the same Q&A format as ours, it seems like there are so many low-quality articles that have been published and were clearly written just to get links. Ours was genuinely informative about the industry, yet was not accepted, so we have not tried to submit since. It made me question the usefulness of Ezine (for us at least).

    We publish a quarterly magazine (which is where the original article came from) that takes months to prepare and goes through several copywriters and management, yet an article that appears to have been written in 10 minutes with several typos and no clear purpose makes it on Ezine instead. It is just not for us. I guess it is more for articles like “How to Tell If a Man Wants More Than Just a Hook Up – Good Tips to Be Absolutely Sure of It” which I found on the top of Ezine right now.

  • Professional SEO Company

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen articles that are written purely for SEO purposes, but has next to no editorial value because it is written poorly. As you say, there are additional benefits beyond basic SEO if you produce quality content.

  • Melindajaneiro19

    I would like more information on article writing techniques and submission. Can you help in this department?

  • Paul Dyl

    Hi Cristian,

    Yes, please list some examples of some article websites you think are deemed worthy or submission and have actual value.


  • andru greal

    Web site promotion is critically important if you have a web site, and you intend to make a profit on your web site.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    One of the great side effects of producing quality articles (other than link building), is promoting the author and company as industry experts. It helps build trust with consumers and other industry professionals. The more an author is viewed as an expert, the more likely their content is to get picked up by other sources.

  • Bonnie

    Thank you for writing on the continued relevancy of article marketing in 2011. Way too many forum posters and bloggers are declaring article marketing dead. If you do it right and send your articles to targeted websites then you will receive the benefits.

  • Bonnie Jo Davis

    Thank you for writing about the relevancy of article marketing in 2011. So many bloggers and forum posters have declared article marketing dead and it isn’t. If you write a good article and submit it to the right sites then you will receive the benefit.

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the great post on article marketing. It’s quite helpful for the new markters. Will you share some sample sites for the content posts? It would be also appreciated.

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the great post on article marketing. It’s quite helpful for the new markters. Will you share some sample sites for the content posts? It would be also appreciated.