How Much Money Did Firefox Make From Google in 2005?

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How Much Money Did Firefox Make From Google in 2005?

There’s some interesting speculations and idle gossip swirling around the Web today about how much money Firefox made from Google last year. Jason Calacanis gave his input:

“Mozilla Corporation makes all that money because of the Google Search box on the top right. If you search with that box (which I do all day long) and you click on the Google ads on the results page Firefox gets ~80% of that. They also have Amazon in the search box, and other services that I’m sure kick them back some affiliate fees. Brilliant.”

And Jeremy Zawodny also weighed in, posing this intriguing question: “Makes you wonder how much Microsoft income is derived from Search in Internet Explorer, doesn’t it?”

Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

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  • John Doe

    I can’t wait for someone to create an extension which clicks on google ads (no matter which website) and closes them without even us seeing it.

    I think it would help out lot of folks around here 😛

    Screw google.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Mr. Doe, not sure what you really mean by your post but it sounds like you’re talking about an AdSense blocker. There are some on the market, you just need to look.

    Back on topic, how much is Firefox making off of Google AdWords partnership?

    Let us do the math.

    150 million Firefox downloads to date.

    Probably about 25 million of those active, and searching Google once a day.

    In the US, Google makes something like $.09 a search. So, worldwide, let’s say $.03.

    Firefox, getting 80% of AdWords revenue then is bringing in a conservative figure of $.02 per active browser, or possibly $500,000 per day.

    That figure could be totally off, but is quite hefty none-the-less, even if the total is half or 25% of the above figure.