Google Partners with Clear Channel

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Google Partners with Clear Channel

And just as I was right in the middle of Dan Gillmor’s excellent book We the Media, a completely timely and ironically relevant news tidbit came my way; this from Adotas:

“Making a further shift towards control over “old media” outlets, Google has partnered with Clear Channel to implement its AdSense network in over 1,100 radio station websites. Clear Channel announced Wednesday that Google will exclusively power search engines in all of its local radio sites and give local advertisers top billing in the search results pages. The sites combine to give advertisers the ability to reach over 7 million online radio listeners a month.”

Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

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  • bernie

    eww clear channel.

  • Don Hammer

    I’ve came accross this article which presents a very interesting and relevant analysis of Google + Clear Channel Deal…

    The author thinks that this deal will even go further, at a more strategic level, and Google will soon start serving ads on Clear Channel Stations (with the help of the recent dMarc acquisition). There’s also a broader analysis of the Google’s long-term strategy…

    Here’s the url of the article for the one’s interested:

    Analyzing Google’s strategic direction (or, Google VS. mighty achilles who got killed with a little arrow in the foot)