Google Launches Gears for Mobile Devices

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Google Gears is a plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, that allows users to interact with compatible websites while you are offline. Today, Google brought Gears to mobile devices, however there’s one hitch – it will only run on Internet Explorer Mobile. If your mobile device runs WebKit, Opera Mini, or some other browser, you’re out of luck for the time being.

It’s not likely that Google will ignore these other mobile browsers for too long, however. We eventually expect them to support alternate browsers, especially since they use WebKit for their own Android mobile OS’s browser.

Google Gears is still in its early stages, and hasn’t been widely adopted yet. However, considering Google posted no less than four different posts about the Google Gears Mobile launch across their network of official blogs, it looks like something that might start pushing big-time.

The official Google Gears blog also posted a video interview today, in which Andrei Popescu and Dave Burke describe what it was liking bringing Gears to Windows Mobile, and the motivations for the project:

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