Google Improves Search for BlackBerry

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Though the iPhone may be considered the best phone for internet mobile use, Google has improved its search results for the Blackberry. As Googles goal is to help users search more efficiently, these improvements to the Blackberry will do just that.

As reported in the Google Mobile Blog, the new update features:

  • Improved comprehensiveness: Our mobile search now incorporates results from Product Search, Blog Search, News archives search, and more.
  • Blended results: Instead of showing you web, image, local and news results in separate sections, we now combine them to improve relevance. We’ve also made it easier for you to focus your search on any one of these categories — notice how the links are now placed at the top of the results page.
  • Longer snippets: Web results include longer snippets so that your answer may be right on the results page.
  • Related searches: At the bottom of the search results page, you’ll find a list of related searches to help you refine a query.
Pablo Palatnik
Pablo Palatnik is the author of the blog PalatnikFactor, focusing on all things Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization specialist for Fortune3, a shopping cart software company by online retailers, for online retailers.
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  • Brad

    It is about time. i had the storm and then switched to the iphone because of the quality of the safari browser. But I actually loved my BB.

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