Google has 32% of the share of web searches

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Recent statistics indicate that within the USA Google has 32% of the share of web searches followed by 26% conducted via Yahoo, 18% by AOL and 17% by MSN, the other major players in the market.

At the same time while 76% of its own search enquiries are powered by Google technology, Google technology additionally powers search engine technology for MSN, Ask Jeeves and some other small players, giving it over 50% of the search engine market.

The search engine market is now the second most used feature of the Internet after e-mails. One of the key spin-offs from the surge in use of search engines is advertising. Search engines have boosted the flagging virility of web advertising.

They provide advertisers with a new and growing arena for getting their messages across via the web. It can enable advertisers to specifically, and in a very focused way, target their advertising.

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