Google Combines Search and Real Estate

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What would you get if you combine web search and real estate listings? Well, there’s not a real name for this feature but Google is nonetheless rolling it out, direct from the labs of Google’s Australia office.  This new feature  lets you search for “real estate” properties as it appears on Google Maps.

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Isn’t it great that when you’re trying to look for a real estate property, you  can actually see where it is located as well as the surrounding areas via Google Maps? the idea is to make it easier for you to find specific locations and some degree of accuracy when searching for real estate property via Google Maps. If you want this feature in action, check these sample searches given by Google Australia – “homes for sale sydney” or “homes for rent near Perth among other search queries.

Aside from this feature, Google has also integrated real estate listing and hosted in on Place Pages. This gives  Google users a day of rest, away from everything.

Arnold Zafra
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  • LOL… As if the Real Estate industry wasn’t competitive already. I wonder how G plans to set up the bidding on those listing positions. You can wager it will be similar to PPC, I reckon.

  • Google map helps a lot to check proper area location.In my own I really use google map and it is convenient for me to use it.

  • Yes, I agree with the author. I just want to add that in this case we must have in mind Google Base, which uses or integrates Google Maps.