Google Beefs Up Security of Corporate Email Service

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Google makes good use of its recent acquisition, security specialists Postini by injecting its security and government regulations into the premiere edition of Google Apps. Google Apps includes hosted applications such as email, calendar, instant messaging, Google docs and web page creation.

With the Postini software in Google Apps Premiere Edition (GAPE), Google’s corporate email service will be greatly enhanced, specifically its spam and virus filtering capabilities. Messages inadvertedly deleted can also be easily restored with the aid of the Postini technology.

Google is hoping that with a more secured corporate email service, more companies will be enticed to subscribe to GAPE suite of office applications. reports that  GAPE currently receives 1,500 sign ups everyday.

Gartner analyst Tom Austin told AP that with this move, Google is really serious with its drive to sell to the American companies low-priced online application software which will drive the companies away from the traditional hard-drive-only installations of office applications.

“Google is really trying to shake up the assumptions of people and move the industry to an entirely different model,” says Austin.

Arnold Zafra
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