Forget PageRank, Here’s StumbleRank

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Ok, StumbleUpon has nothing to do with Google PageRank, except for the fact that both are toolbar based and reach millions of users. Like PageRank, StumbleUpon also experiences its flaws.. especially on the Top Stumblers page.

StumbleUpon’s own Top Stumblers page is flawed because some users there have 100,000+ stumbles while others have less than a dozen.

StumbleRank lets users add any Stumbler to their database and then keeps track of the stats of those users, updating twice a day to create an accurate list of the top 100 stumblers and their stats.

Users of StumbleRank can sort the stumbler rankings by any of their activity, pages, photos, videos, fans, and reviews; depending on what criteria is most important to them.

StumbleRank, if it catches on (which is should as users will probably begin adding themselves), could become an efficient marketing tool for finding the most active Stumblers per category.

I’d like to see a search engine added to the site, to search Stumble profiles and user tags for relevant terms, identifying sites they’ve Stumbled and themes they prefer.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Hantulga

    nice news.

  • Mark

    This is utter crap. Why is Mohamed Saleem trying to turn everything into a popularity contest? The Top users list killed digg and now those dethroned people sit around and bitch all day long about how their crap is being burried or how hard it is to hit the front page.

    The web is not a popularity contest stop trying to make it one!!!

    Who cares who is the “top stumbler” anyways? There is no single top stumbler. Some Stumblers focus on one area and they lead that area and no where else.

    I’m getting tired of these former top diggers grasping at straws to regain their fame and fortune. It’s a damn good thing that digg dropped that top digger list.

  • Rabin

    I agree with Mark whole heartedly. When I am looking for any information, I am not going to judge the information per say based on others verdict. Of course I want to have information from authoritative sites, but that I can find on the web anyway. If you are true to yourself and others and right the right information pertinent to the area of your specialization, you will be found. You don’t have to trick the machine, and there in you are tricking humans, which is a total dichotomy. All this gimmick about digg, stumbleupon, squedoo, or whatever these weird names people come up with, will not help in true sense customers who are seeking information.

  • Kym

    Come on. It is all about 15 minutes of fame from MillionDollarHome page to blogs to stumbles.

    Lack of Fame is the new Poverty in the US.

  • Samsonite

    We stumble it our webiste and after PR update the stumble web page get PR1. But it is to worky to sumble it all the time.

  • Ken Savage

    Nice job to Muhammad Saleem.

    Where is your ranking on StumbleRank?

  • Kabelky

    Stumble rank is difficult because you need to stumble it. PageRank is calculating by program.

  • Stef

    The problem with Stumble Upon is that the pages with the most stumbles get stumbled more. New sites have a very hard time increasing their stumblerank.