Apple Adds Bing to Safari, Prelude to Ditching Google?

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Apple’s Steve Jobs announce many new and exciting things during his keynote speech for WWDC event this morning. One announcement related to search was of course about the Apple including Bing as one of the search engine choices for its Safari browser. Take note, it’s just “one of the search engine options” not yet the default browser.

Still, it’s pretty interesting to note that Apple has to do this in the height of a “silent war” going on between Google and Apple. Whether Apple is planning to ditch Google mobile search or not, time can only tell. But this move could be the initial step.

According to the Bing blog, Bing will now be an option for search engine within Safari for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as on Mac and PC. Bing is also working closely with Apple for to include some HTML5 support for Safari on iPhone. In fact Bing has just integrated HTML 5 into its mobile browse product at

Arnold Zafra
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  • macgadgetgal

    Safari 5 menu > Preferences > General > Default Search Engine: BING!

    Such a shame Apple left Google as the default engine. More people deserve to see what Bing and Yahoo consider 'the best' results. Unfortunately the vast majority of Safari users won't know, know how, or bother to make the change.

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  • +1 for article!

  • Take note, it’s just “one of the search engine options” not yet the default browser.


  • Take note, it’s just “one of the search engine options” not yet the default browser.


  • @macgadgetal you don't think Google is marginally better than Bing and Yahoo? Google is far ahead of these two 90's clowns. More people search on Amazon than Bing. The fact that Bing & Yahoo are so easy to game made me lost all respect. It's strictly a link count thing with these two.