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5 Daily Habits Guaranteed to Give You More Links and Higher Rankings

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Neil Patel
Neil Patel
5 Daily Habits Guaranteed to Give You More Links and Higher Rankings
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You know that good daily habits are good for you. If you brush your teeth, eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water, you’ll improve your healthy. Daily habits produce lifelong well-being.

Could the same principle hold true in digital marketing? Can you start daily habits that will make your site rank higher? Will a few simple practices produce business success?

The answer is yes.

It is possible to build daily habits that guarantee improved SEO and greater marketing success. Here are the habits you should cultivate.

1. Write and Publish One Article

Time required: 1 hour

Writing an article is one of the most time-consuming things you can do, but it is also the most valuable.

Creating new content is the single best way to drive traffic to your site. I’m a proponent of creating long form content. That’s why most of my articles, especially on my blog, are more than 2,000 words.

Long form content gets higher rankings, but it also takes longer to write. If you invest at least one hour a day in writing, you should be able produce at least two long form articles per week, and probably more.

Don’t simply create content for the sake of creating content. Instead, make sure that your articles are focused, relevant, and high quality. This is one habit that will most definitely pay off.

2. Update One Old Article

Time required: 10 minutes

Why should you update an old article?

Just like everything, content can get old. Even if your content is evergreen, I recommend you update it.

Content that is changed frequently is more likely to rank higher. Beginning in 2007, Google unrolled an algorithm feature known as QDF, or “Query deserves freshness”. The idea is that any given query should have a search result with a recent publication date. The goal is to give user up-to-date information on a given topic.

Look where we’ve come since then. Now, Google has the Knowledge Graph, which displays up-to-the-minute news topics.

5 Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings | SEJ

In addition to the Knowledge Graph, Google’s freshness factor influences virtually every aspect of the SERPs.

To update an old blog article, here are some things you can do:

  • Change the article title to be more relevant and keyword-focused.
  • Change headings (H1, H2) in the article.
  • Rewrite the introduction.
  • Add a new section to the article.
  • Add new links to other sites.
  • Delete a section from the article.
  • Rewrite the conclusion.
  • Gain a link from a fresh site.
  • Share your site to gain more user activity.

The science and research behind some of these issues is discussed in detail on

By daily updating an article or two, you can breathe new life into old articles, gain more links, get more visibility, and strengthen your entire site.

3. Post a Link to an Article on Every Social Media Platform

Time required: 5 minutes

Search engine optimization depends heavily on social activity. The more you can promote your content on social networks, the better that content will do. Social metrics, however relevant they may or may not be, have some level of impact on search.

Why is this true? Because social drives traffic to your website, which improves its user metrics. Those users, in turn, may encourage other people to read and link to the site, creating a ripple effect that pushes your article far beyond what it would normally be able to accomplish.

Simply tweet, retweet, and let the social impact take care of the rest.

5 Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings | SEJ

To get a visual perspective of the ripple effect, use Google+ Ripples to analyze the shared extent of a Google+ post.

5 Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings | SEJ

Moz’s algorithm survey and research indicates that social metrics, especially on individual pages, is one of the top ten categories of ranking factors.

5 Habits Guaranteed to Give You Higher Rankings | SEJ

You can save a lot of time on this step by scheduling your social updates using a platform like Buffer.

4. Interact on One Forum

Time required: 10 minutes

Forums are a great way to get visibility, get answers, share knowledge, and grow your brand.

I don’t recommend you use forums simply as a platform for promotion. That defeats the entire purpose of the forum. I do, however, recommend that you use the forum for what it’s intended to do — promote intelligent discussion and answers.

Some of the forums in the marketing space include the following:

LinkedIn and Reddit also provide a forum-like context for almost any niche.

A forum gives you a place to get noticed and provide help to others. I’ve discovered that helping other people is one of the best and most legitimate marketing techniques available.

Your activity on forums impacts your reputation. Be a helper, and you’ll get helped. Be a giver, and you’ll receive.

Your reputation will endure. Forums typically have high SERP placement for long tail queries. Once you post something on the forum, it’s going to stay.

5. Reply to One Tweet, Google+ Update, Facebook Post, and LinkedIn Discussion, etc.

Time required: 10 minutes

Your social activity isn’t just your output, the stuff you post, but your interaction, the stuff you like, retweet, plus one, and comment on. Social, after all, is a conversation.

When you interact with regularity and frequency on social media, you’ll begin to improve your reputation, grow your marketing reach, and form a favorable reputation.

When you share someone’s status update, retweet their post, or +1 a comment, they notice you. In turn, they interact with you, find your website, consider your product, read your content, and engage with you.

Even though it’s a small expenditure of time and effort, interaction socially produces high value in return.


That’s it. In less than two hours a day, you can implement habits that will absolutely rock your world.

These habits have a snowball effect. Even though your forum comments, retweeting, and status posting may seem like they’re being sucked into a black hole, your efforts will gradually produce benefits. It starts small, but grows larger as you continue to work on the habits.

Not only do the results grow, but your ability improves as well. Your first few blog posts may sound stilted, but you’ll develop more skill and ability as time goes on.

It’s never too late to start these habits. Regardless of where you’re at in your marketing journey, you can take it to the next level.

What daily habits have improved your marketing ability?


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