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WeBuildPages Search Combination Tool

WeBuildPages tool # 9,347. Actually thats not its real name, but Jim makes a lot of good tools and shares them. His newest tool is a search combination tool. Essentially it allows you to get the search results for various keyword combination searches.

For example, I could look for “seo, search engine optimization, etc.” then “directory, submit your site, etc.” and the output page will link me to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search queries for all the variations.

This could be useful in looking for places to buy, rent, or trade links or maybe for even tracking search results and the like. I am sure there are lots of good uses for this tool. Each result is a clickable link to search results, which means the tool does not send automated queries at the search engines.

You also can save the source code of the output page and so you can work in chunks and its easy to remember which links you have already looked through.

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