WebsiteGuru Launches $5,500 Competition

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ADVERTISEMENT, a new discussion forum for web professionals and those looking to make it in the online world, is celebrating their recent launch with an amazing $5,500 competition. With a top prize of $4,000, and 12 runner-up prizes, this competition is just the first of many monthly contests to come.

Launched February 4th, already the site has attracted “Gurus” from every facet of the web industry – from SEO, design, coding, domains and more. Whether you’re an old pro yourself, or are just getting started, you’ll find the perfect place to learn new tricks, and swap knowledge with the best.

So I’d like to personally invite all our SEJ readers out there to stop on by, check out the competition, and hopefully settle in. I’ll be there, so you’ll have at least one friendly face to be on the lookout for.

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