The new data centers at Google, as of January 25, 2004

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Google has removed the old DNS entries from it’s database. It is believed this will now have a certain impact on future updates.

In light of these changes, what kind of results could this have on the average site owner or webmaster? It would signify the end of what used to be called the Google Dance syndrome.

In the past, most of these old data centers were used for load-balancing needs, necessary to prevent a major burden on any complex data network linking more than 10,000 servers, such as the one used at Google.

In the following table, headings that start in blue are data centers that are no longer resolving. The ones in bold black are still resolving.

As of January 25, 2004, these are the new Google directory IP addresses. The naming order is exactly the same as for the other data centers.

Click here to get all the IP addresses from the
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Posted by Serge Thibodeau.

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